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Friday, October 25, 2013

Commercial Equity Loan Line of Credit Will Unlock the Cash You Need Quickly in All 50 States

Commercial equity loan line of credit can make access to cash quick and easy for your business or other investment goals.

Both owner-users and investors can tap into the equity of their commercial property. In addition, many types of properties qualify for this commercial line of credit.

I will highlight three main features of a commercial real estate equity loan, namely:

1. Main loan features

2. The type of commercial properties that qualify

3. Qualifying guidelines

#1 Main Loan Features

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Available in all 50 states Owner occupied and investor properties qualify Obtain an equity line from $100,000 to $1-million or more This is a Full Doc program, so you need to provide 3 years of business and personal tax returns Borrow up to 80% LTV based on the equity value of the property The equity line can be in 1st position for free and clear properties Interest rate based on the Prime Rate
#2 Types of Commercial Properties That Qualify

Office Light industrial Warehouse Retail Mixed use Multi-family 5+ units Special use property: auto repair, auto sales, mini-mart, self-storage, fast food restaurant, gas stations less than 10 years old, daycare or preschool, convalescent homes, nursery, theatre, and bowling alley
#3 Qualifying Guidelines

This is a Full doc program - You need to provide 3 years business and/or personal tax returns Good credit is needed with a personal credit score of 660 and above Repayment based on the tax returns, personal credit report and appraisal A Debt Service Coverage Ratio of 1.1 to 1.25 needed Title can be in business or personal name Be sure to verify that the 1st lien on the property does not have a clause prohibiting 2nd loans
Secured Business Line OptionIf you are a business owner, a variation of this credit line will allow you to obtain a business line of credit secured by real estate assets including:

Primary residence Second home Investment property Income generated from other owned property


Commercial property owners and business owners have more options than ever before to get cash out of their equity when they need it using a commercial equity loan line of credit.

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